Upcoming Australian picture books:

Heart and Soul , written by Carol Ann Martin.  Scholastic Press.  TBA

The Little Stowaway, written by Vicki Bennett.  Scholastic Press 2018

Thimble, written by Rebecca Young.  Scholastic Press.  2018

Stanley's Learning The Trumpet , written by John field.  Scholastic Press.  2017

Mr and Mrs Cripps feed their dog, wash him, and even clean inside his ears. But they don't give him a name. So the dog names himself - SAD. What will it take to make SAD, the dog, happy?

Written by Sandy Fussell

Published by Walker Books Australia/ Candlewick Press USA


"Tull Suwannakit portrays Sad and his surroundings in soft watercolors, resulting in a calm and quiet book. Quiet, but not boring; on each page, small details draw the reader’s eyes"

-Lisa Brown, The New York Times

"Tull Suwannakit's earth-toned illustrations and use of space add to this beautiful story told by Sandy Fussell. Jack's beaming face lights up the book in stark contrast to the angry faces of Sad's previous owners"   

-Georgie Donaghey, Creative Kids Tale 

"The beautiful, realistic illustrations capture the emotion and complement the thought-provoking text" 

-The Otago Daily Times

"Tull Suwannakit's illustrations are in perfect harmony with the text. The emotions on the faces of his people (disdain, loathing, disinterested and utter love) are only surpassed by the emotion he manages to convey on Sad, the Dog’s face"

- Children's Books Daily                                                                                                                                                               


"Can you tell me a story, Granny?" Little Ellie asked on the way to town one morning. "Deep in the woods, not far from here, lives Grandma Bear and Little Bear... " But what will happen next?

Published by Walker Books Australia/ Walker Books UK


"Suwannakit creates delightful characters using a unique and appealing cartoon style. The interaction between Little Bear and Little Ellie is particularly effective, and the inclusion of wild animals and fantasy creatures in an urban environment adds an interesting note to this winsome and engaging exploration of the power of the imagination and the potency of storytelling"

 - Stephanie Owen Reeder, The Sydney Morning Herald

"The watercolour illustrations are exquisite, adding glorious humour and fun to this gorgeous story. As we all know, good stories have the power to transport us to places far away, full of imagination and magic — just as the bears do for Little Ellie, and this book did for me. A wonderful partnership of words and pictures that is sure to be enjoyed again and again"

- Anouska Jones, Kids' Book Review 


" The illustrations are so gentle, Suwannakit uses a limited palette of muted colours - reds, browns, greys - in watercolours and pencil outlines and texturing, to reflect the atmosphere of the story.  Close to a perfect picture book"

 - Sarah Mayor Cox, ABC Mornings with Fiona Parker                                                                                                                                                                                          

"Magical and perfectly executed, this book encapsulates the joy of a child listening to a grown up create a story just for them"

- The Little Book Collector



International Books

Coming soon: The Old Lady and a Flock of Hungry Pigeons.  Amarin Printing and Publishing.  Thailand. 2017